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Why Support Gilda’s Club?

For people learning to live with cancer, the feeling of emotional distress can be hard to bear. Maybe you have seen this with someone you care about.  Members of Gilda's Club Simcoe Muskoka what that feels like. Every member of Gilda's Club has felt the impact of cancer. They've also felt the power of the emotional and social support they find in the cancer support community at Gilda's Club. Here they find the information, companionship and emotional support they need to make it through their cancer journey, whatever the destination.

Construction and Traffic Delays

The City of Barrie, in partnership with the provincial and federal governments, is beginning construction on the Cundles Road-Duckworth Street Highway 400 interchange. This $42 million project will begin next week (September 30) and is expected to last up to three years.


Initially, the contractor will be working at the side of the road preparing storm water drains and the site, however, the project will soon move on to the road with the first phase being the widening of Cundles Road.


Please be prepared for and expect delays. You may wish to consider an alternate route to the clubhouse. Suggested routes are:


*   Bell Farm to Duckworth (before Duckworth construction begins)

*   Penetanguishene Road (Hwy 93) to Georgian Drive

*   Johnson Street to Georgian Drive


In general, the contractor is required to provide at least one lane for vehicular traffic in each direction through the construction site on Cundles Road and Duckworth Street for the duration of the project. The contractor is also required to provide at least one sidewalk through the construction site. When the Duckworth bridge at highway 400 needs to be demolished, there will be a total road closure, however this will occur on a weekend. The City is working closely with Emergency Services to ensure minimal disruptions.


Highlights of the project include:

*   Widening Cundles Road to 5 lanes plus a bike lane in each direction from Livingstone Street to Duckworth Street

*   Widening Duckworth Street to 5 lanes from Cundles Road to Bernick Drive/Rose Street

*   Adding a bike lane in each direction from Cundles Road to Bell Farm Road

*   Changing the Cundles Road-Duckworth Street Intersection into a curve with the Hwy. 400 Southbound off-ramp “teeing” into the curve

*   Adding turning lanes between the Hwy. 400 off-ramps to create a 7 lane roadway under Hwy. 400

*   Replacing the existing Hwy. 400 bridge structure with a longer span to accommodate the wider Duckworth Street

*   Adding sidewalk on both sides of Cundles Road

*   Adding more vehicle storage for the traffic signals at the northbound and southbound off-ramps


Full details of the project along with the proposed construction schedule can be found of the City of Barrie’s website at