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Why Support Gilda’s Club?

For people learning to live with cancer, the feeling of emotional distress can be hard to bear. Maybe you have seen this with someone you care about.  Members of Gilda's Club Simcoe Muskoka what that feels like. Every member of Gilda's Club has felt the impact of cancer. They've also felt the power of the emotional and social support they find in the cancer support community at Gilda's Club. Here they find the information, companionship and emotional support they need to make it through their cancer journey, whatever the destination.

Gilda’s Club Simcoe Muskoka is part of an international network of affiliate clubhouses – non-residential, homelike meeting places where men, women and children living with cancer, as well as their friends and families, meet to learn how to live with cancer. Gilda‘s Club is open to all – regardless of income, type of cancer or stage of illness – and united by a common program, shared values and core beliefs that stress the importance of community in learning to live with cancer, whatever the outcome. At Gilda’s Club you are not a patient or a client, you are a member. Our innovative program is an essential complement to medical care, providing support and networking groups, workshops, educational lectures and social activities all free of charge.

Who We Serve:

People with cancer: From the moment of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond, the effects of cancer aren’t only physical – there is a profound emotional and social impact as well. Joining a community of people who have experienced cancer firsthand can decrease the sense of isolation and empower you to confront your fears.

Their family and friends: The impact of cancer extends beyond the person who has been diagnosed. Learning to balance the need to provide care and support with everyday responsibilities is something no one should have to face alone.

People who are grieving: When a loved one dies, communicating feelings of grief and loss can be very difficult. Talking with others who have been through the grieving process is often beneficial.

Children and Teens: Noogieland is a place where children affected by cancer can express their feelings in a friendly, facilitated play environment. We also have a program for teens.

What we Offer:

Support and Networking Groups includes weekly Wellness Groups for adults living with a cancer diagnosis, Kids Support™ and Kids Greive Too for children ages 4-12 living with cancer in the family, or who are remembering someone who has died of cancer, Family and Friends Groups for adult family members and friends supporting those with a cancer diagnosis and monthly Networking Groups focused on a specific of cancer (prostate, young adults with cancer, living solo with cancer, etc.),

Lectures and Workshops, which are selected based on Members´ interests, include stress reduction, nutrition, talking to your children about cancer, and pain management. Major workshop areas include art and other forms of self-expression, meditation, exercise and yoga, and cooking.

Social Activities are a favourite at Gilda´s Club and vary from potluck suppers with music to karaoke nights to joke fests or comedy nights to major celebrations around special holidays. Having members and families come together for fun creates special bonds that enhance other individual and group experiences.

Noogieland is for young children impacted by cancer – whether a child has a family member or friend with cancer, is a survivor of someone with cancer, or should they themselves have been diagnosed with cancer. Children affected by cancer deserve a Program that addresses their specific needs. At Gilda´s Club, Noogieland both as a physical space and as a program philosophy addresses the unique social and emotional needs of children and families living with cancer in their lives. Noogieland provides an opportunity for children to discuss the impact of cancer on their lives, and socialize. Special events like NoogieFest, an annual Halloween party for children, families and friends, plus a host of other fun activities ensure a great time for the entire family.

Teen Scene: many teens are affected by cancer, whether through personal diagnosis or the diagnosis of a friend or family member. Gilda´s Club Teen Program provides a unique opportunity for teens touched by cancer in any way to come together to share their cancer experiences, and to find and give support to their peers. Since social and emotional support at this age are especially important Gilda´s Club has created ´The Hub´. A hip room filled with comfy couches, a flat screen TV, video games, etc. It is a place for teens to gather, socialize, play a game or just hang out with others who know what they are going through. Teens also can become involved in other activities going on in the Clubhouse or can even volunteer their time to help out in Noogieland.

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